My second set of hands.


Meet Emily Smith.

Over the past nearly 2 years, I have gone solo with printing, corresponding, updating, recording, illustrating, ordering, stocking and marketing. It's been great. But add 3 babies, illustrating a book and trying to squeeze a shower in every day, and it was obvious that I needed help. I have had April take on the printing jobs, and I just hired a new shipping hand whom I love, but Emily oversees it all. Some of you may have already had responses from Emily via email, and I wanted introduce you. Say Hello to Emily!

Isn't she wonderful?

Here's are some interesting facts about the woman keeping me together these days:

  • She is the 7th of 10 children.
  • She worked for General Electric for 10 years as a human resources manager.
  • She lived in Boston for 10 years before getting married and starting her family.
  • She now has a great husband, 2 boys, 2 horses, 1 pony, 2 cats, 2 goats and a dog. (City girl meets country girl!)

And my favorite interesting fact about her:

  • She was the widowed Margaret Rey's roommate (the author of Curious George no less) for a year while she lived in Harvard Square and took care of her out of house needs until she died (for which she has some pretty amazing stories no doubt!)

Emily is amazing and will be keeping things moving for me. So say "Hello!"