The Be series was inspired by that phrase that I just adore as a mother. It’s a daily scenario: I’m in the kitchen, and the kids are in the next room pulling out toys or maybe nothing at all, and I hear “Hey! I know! Let’s Pretend that I’m a super hero and you are a dinosaur king……” and it goes from there. It’s the kinda thing we take for granted. But it’s exactly the thing I’m going to miss when my kids are too old for that kind of play (sigh.)

I wanted to create a collection that really had spontenaity and life to it….but at the same time pulled on that playfulness we all love about children at home.

But while I was designing it, I was also pulled into awareness of some of my favorite Scandinavian children’s designers, and what they were creating with this same theme. So much of what I’ve seen in fashion, decor and even runway action has pulled on this theme of a “child’s imagination.” And while this collection stays pretty close to your own living room, it still has those elements of whimsy and drama. Masks, marionettes and some fun geometrics gives a bit of a European flare. But then there are play forts, wooden blocks and dress-ups too.